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Other Methods

A number of other methods with a fixed dimensionality exist. Bauer and Villmann (1995) proposed a method which develops a hypercubical grid. In contrast to the growing grid method their algorithm automatically determines a suitable dimensionality for the grid.

Blackmore and Miikkulainen (1992) let a irregular network grow on positions in the plane which are restricted to lie on a two-dimensional grid. Rodrigues and Almeida (1990) increased the speed of the normal self-organizing feature map by developing an interpolation method which symmetrically increases the number of units in the network by interpolation. Their method is reported to give a considerable speed-up but is not able to choose, e.g., different dimensions for width and height of the grid as the approach of Bauer and Villmann (1995) or the growing grid. Further approaches have been proposed, e.g. by Jokusch (1990) and Xu (1990).

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